May 30, 2012

Exercise That Goes Where You Go

When I finished college I came to two conclusions:  I had put some weight on and it was time to get in shape.  So I purchased a jump rope, adjusted it, and went to town.  I was so committed I wore holes in the grass behind our apartment.  It was a rigorous exercise but I mastered it.

Jumping rope dates all the way back to the Egyptians and Aborigines of Australia.  The first ropes are said to have been made from jungle vines.  It finally came to the west around 1600 BC.  Jumping rope is highly utilized by many athletes but none more than boxers.

In terms of calories, at a regular pace you could burn 11 calories a minute.  But if you turn up the intensity  it goes to a whopping 20 calories a minute.  It is also an exercise that works all of your body.  Jumping rope is also a low impact exercise because, unlike running, your weight is being distributed evenly between both feet.

You can take your rope anywhere.  There is really no excuse why you cannot work out.  You can wrap up your rope and pack it in a suitcase very easily.

Buy an appropriately sized rope.  You can buy adjustable ones just about anywhere.  Customize the rope by cutting it to fit your length.


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