May 29, 2012

Man Cave | Having Your Own Space

In my profession, I need a desk and silence.  Two things that are usually not consistent with three children and no extra cash.  A year ago we moved into our dream home, and in the back are two sheds.  One is purely a hold all for tools, toys, lawn mowers, etc..the other shed has become my dream man cave.  

It took lots of time and effort to produce what I needed from this building.  It already had power to it and a decent roof. However, there was no sheet rock and some leaks.  And did I mention it was  full of crap from the previous owner.  Before I could get started I had to empty out all the junk including the spiders, bugs, and roaches.Once everything was cleaned out, I had stop the rain water from coming in.  On the outside, I decided to dig a french drain to help carry the water away from the shed.  And on the inside, I used spray foam on all the cracks and holes.

Now that the shed was clean and leak free I got started turning it into my man cave.  First, I painted the walls white.  It was, well, white.  Next, I took an old wood fence and cut it into planks for wood flooring.  I used construction adhesive and glued it to the concrete.  Then, I built a desk and lots of book shelves out of the same old fence pieces.   After that, I fixed the door  and put a lock on it    The last thing I did was install a hundred dollar a/c unit for the window.   There are still a few bugs to work out, literally, but its awesome.
Since the dawn of time men have tried to find places where they can be alone and get up to who knows what.  It has been a rite, handed down to men.
Most men have something going on that they need space for.  So you can work when you want without filling up the rest of the house with your crap.

The best of us need to think about things every once and awhile.  Even great men like George Washington needed time for reflection.  His famous prayer at Valley Forge was not done in the midst of people, but isolated and away from his troops.
Oh, this is a big one!  I'm all about having a packed house with loved ones, but sometimes it gets to that point when you just need to retreat.
If you have a climate controlled man cave, you have a place to bust out some cardio or weights.  In the winter, I  have amazing plans to run five miles before the sun comes up.  But I am usually hindered by the icicles hanging from my nose.   So I retreat and hope for warmer weather.  With a man cave your workout doesn't have to suffer.

Fit it with chairs, a TV, and a fridge...your friends will like you even more!

Some of you may wonder if you are entitled to a space of your own.  You may ask, "What about my wife?"  Well, what about her.  If you have been nice enough to allow her full reign over the rest of the house,  then you deserve a man cave.


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