June 19, 2012

6 Things Every Guy Needs | #1 A Jacket

Can you still be a manly man and care about what you wear?  I think you can.  Where I was born and raised, it was and is normal for a guy to wear decent clothes or at least to give a rip.  In this six part series, I am going to give you my style must haves for an off the clock guy.​  Every guy needs a cool coat or jacket.  Regardless of the climate every man can rock one of these jackets. Remember, you need a jacket for warmer weather and a coat for cooler weather.  Let’s talk style.

You can get these jackets in a lot of places.  I don’t have a ton of cash so I have to hunt and find cheaper stuff.  In the States, the only place I have found these jackets fairly cheap have been in Target.  Surprisingly their line of Jackets are quite good and well priced.

Some have said that popping your collar is out but I like it.  I wear what I think looks good on me and also what is current.  Any guy with the right look can be raised up a few cool points by simply lifting their collar.  Make sure you get a jacket/coat with a thick strong collar. You don’t want it falling down on you while you're trying to look good.

Choose one that has form fitting lines. Why fitted?  Regardless of your size a regular jacket/coat cut with a straight line approach will make you look like a potato.  Buying one that is fitted will keep you from looking like that.  Sometimes you can find army looking jackets with ties around the waist.  Just tighten it a little and leave unzipped.

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