July 13, 2012

6 Things Every Guy Needs | #2 A Fitted Shirt

Dress shirts are a known staple in any guys life.  Even if you have a job that does not require you to wear one, there are still many occasions where you cannot get away from putting one on such as at weddings, funerals, services, and job interviews. So instead of cringing at the thought of a dress shirt, how about making it better by choosing a better cut.
We have all been there, you purchase a dress shirt off the shelf and put it on, you are likely to look 20 pounds heavier than what you actually are.  Most regular shirts have no form or cut to them.  They are just straight down with puffy features in the back and arms.  Guys with a lean figure can pull off any cut dress shirt including a standard cut.  For guys who are not so lean, the standard cut is their go to dress shirt and they avoid anything with slim or fitted in its description.  But no matter  whether you are lean or not so lean, every guy needs a fitted dress shirt in their closet.

The fitted cut, also know as slim or modern cut, has been hitting the stores for a while now and is a great alternative to the standard dress shirt.  This cut gives the wearer a completely different look by cutting out the ridiculous amount of frills and extra material of the standard cut dress shirt.  The shirt cuts tighter around the stomach area giving a V shape to the body.  Extra material is sliced away from the arm department giving you balloon free arms.

Even those who have a little more weight than they would like can rock a fitted look.  Just go to the store and try one on.  Don't be afraid to go up a size to find the right fit. 

A tailor, fitted cut dress shirt could easily cost $200.  Unless you have the cash to make a $200 purchase, you will want to go with a quality, cheaper alternative.​ VanHeusen is one brand that does a good job of putting together an affordable Fitted Cut dress shirts.


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