July 27, 2012

Teaching Your Kids to Tie Knots: the Improved Clinch Knot

Well the summer is here and you know what that means...yes, lots of fishing. If you have kids, you know that they would appreciate a meaningful fishing experience.  Before you get into the time honored tradition of pulling the Loch Ness Monster out of the lake with your pole, you realize that you first need to tie a hook to the fishing line.  

You have probably managed just fine tying a whatever knot just to get by.   But have you ever said to yourself, "What is the right way?"  Used by both beginners and pros, the improved clinch knot is the right way to tie your hook to the fishing line.


Thread the fishing line into the hole on the end of the hook.

Wrap the loose end around the main line.

Wrap the loose end around the main line again.

Continue to wrap the loose end around the main line three more times for a total of five times.

Take the loose end and insert it into the loop closest to the hook.

Pulling the loose end through first loop. Slide the loops on the main line down towards the hook.  This will tighten the loops and create a new loop needed in step 6.

Feed the loose end into the loop created on step 6 and pull both ends tight.  Continue to slide the loops on main line down towards the hook while you tighten.

Pull on the main line while pushing the loops down toward the hook again, making sure it is tight.  Then pull the loose end one last time to secure a tight knot.

Cut the loose end off from the knot giving it about a 1/4 inch tail.



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