August 1, 2012

5 o'clock Stubble All Day Long

I’m sure many of you have seen the light stubble that many men wear now.  It has become somewhat of a staple fashion trend for most guys to sport the 5 o’clock shadow all day long.  But how can you achieve this look with regular clippers?  Most beard trimmers and clippers will only go to a minimum of 1/8 inch.  This standard cut still made me look like Sasquatch.  If you want the perfect stubble look, I think I have found the perfect tool for you...the Norelco Stubble Trimmer Pro.

The Norelco Stubble has amazingly low settings.  It has 10 basic settings with optional half sizes in between. Your options seem endless for how short or long you may want your stubble.  This is far better than the standard clipper length.

No more stocking up on AAA batteries.  With the Norelco Stubble Pro you plug it in and recharge it.  If you forget to recharge, you also have the option of using the power cord while you shave.

While there are a few different stubble trimmers out there that are very good, you will end up spending $50-$100 for it.  For around $25, the Norelco Stubble far exceeds my expectations.

I have had trimmers that were so small you could only use three fingers to hold it, but not this one.  It gives you a good grip without being bulky.

I am very pleased with the quality of it.  It does not feel or look cheap.   I know you know what I mean, trimmers that are made of such lightweight and cheap materials that it literally shakes itself apart when turned on.   Let me assure you it is a quality item.

When you first start using the Norelco Stubble Pro, you will need to use caution. The guard on this particular model is somewhat open leaving the actual trimming blade bare.  If you don’t cut carefully or go in at the wrong angle, you could end up cutting off all your stubble. The more expensive trimmers by Norelco have the blade shielded more to prevent this from happening.  With a little practice, you won't have to even think about it. 

All in all it's a great tool for the price and has helped me rock the barely shaved look.

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