August 3, 2012

How to Knock Someone Out

UFC 149 saw newcomer Ryan Jimmo, a native of Canada, knock out Anthony Perosh inside of 7 seconds with just one punch.  Every man, tough or not, ought to feel the burden to protect those who are most important to him.  In fact, I would argue that as a man it is your duty.  Knocking someone out is probably known as one of the baddest abilities to have.  In terms of manliness, knocking someone out is right up there with bench pressing loads of weight.

For a while some people considered the one punch knockout to be a myth. But various research has shown, given the right conditions, it could be done.   The KO is medically a Severe Concussion.  The brain floats in cerebral spinal fluid and when enough force is placed upon the skull the brain will rattle about inside it.  If the brain moves enough inside the skull, the neurotransmitters fire causing an electrical storm resulting in a short circuit of the nerves.  This action produces the much coveted Knockout.  The main reason for a KO, physically speaking, is causing the whole head to whip in one direction fast enough that the brain plays catch up and bounces around inside the skull.

There are many places to strike on the face in order to achieve a KO, however there are a few soft spots that may help get the Bruce Lee results you are looking for.
The temple is a good place to strike.  But it is a very small target and you would have to strike your assailant with the sharp part of your fist (not easy).
There are a bunch of nerves below the ear which if struck hard enough could be the money shot.
The jaw is probably the best place to strike a person.  Remember the goal is to whip the head quickly to the side.  So it makes sense that a strike to the jaw would cause the whole head to move sharply to the other side.  If done with enough force, it will cause the desired result.

There are two things to consider when it comes to force.  Although the blow must be strong, it’s not all about strength.  Remember you need to strike with enough force to cause brain movement.  But you have to move the skull fast enough to cause the brain to rattle around in there.  So what you really need is to be both strong and fast.

Knocking your opponent out has everything to do with surprise.  A prepped boxer or UFC fighter has probably very tense neck muscles.  Especially if he can see the punches coming.  If he see a punch coming his way, he will tense those neck muscles preventing his head from whipping.  This is why fighters can go an amazing number of rounds and not be knocked out.

If you are ever approached by an attacker and you feel your life is in danger:
​1.  Land a surprise punch before he has time to attack.  This may be your best chance of knocking him out.
​2.  Turn and talk to your opponent.  Then punch them mid-sentence catching them off guard.
​3.  Use an uppercut.  Which can be very effective, because many people do not see it coming in their line of sight.

There are several different punches that will give you the force you need, but I personally think the Haymaker, Hook or Cross may give you the best chance of generating enough momentum to force the face in the other direction.

You don't have to be Superman to achieve a KO and protect yourself.

Disclaimer: This is only for emergencies and if your life is in danger.  Don’t practice on real people.  You must be sure you are in real danger engaging in a KO attempt or you might go to jail for punching someone first.

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