June 15, 2012

4 Reasons Every Dude Needs a Punching Bag

If you're like me I don’t usually go to the gym.  Mostly because I don’t have fifty extra bucks a month to spare. So I decided to build my own gym on a much smaller scale.  Enter the punching bag.  The punch bag has been used for the length of military history.  And lets just own it that apart from weight lifting, it's probably one of the manliest of all exercises available.

The workout on this thing is awesome.  To get the best use out of it for cardio do intervals.  I set the clock on my phone to beep every minute.  For one minute I will beat the bag like a prize winning fighter.  When I hear the beep I rest for a minute.  I keep going on and off like this for about 10 minutes.  If you are doing it right you will be wore out.  I have heard of supermodels doing this for tone and actors to gain cobblestone abs.

Even if your career is hugely fulfilling, sometimes the pressure or people around you make you just want to explode.  This is especially true if you are short fused.  While I don’t encourage beating the crap out of walls, doors, people, etc...I do know there are times you are so angry that you could.  So go home, grab your gloves and beat the mess out of your bag.

Every guy needs to be able to handle himself in a fight.  Protecting your family is a man’s job and should not be left up to the lady.  Using a punching bag will give you the confidence ensure you're no push over.

This one appeals to me.  While I am not afraid of a little public exercise, I do like a little privacy.  Especially while I am trying to shed some of those embarrassing pounds.
How to get set up:
1.  A 100 lb bag
2.  A sturdy beam/hook to hang from or you can purchase a frame that  
needs to be weighted.
3.  Boxing gloves
4.  Stop watch or interval timer (there is an app for that)