June 16, 2012

6 Lessons From a Guy Named Sorter

I watched the movie Revolver the other day.  There was a guy in the film named Sorter, played by Mark Strong, who was known as the guy who never misses a shot.  As a member of the mob, he was usually called upon for the big jobs that needed to be done right.  There is a part in the movie where you get to see Sorter put his boss in line when a little girl is about to be harmed.  It is when he snaps that we get to see his shooting skills. There was no doubt about it...this dude was a professional marksman.  When a man takes his craft or trade seriously people step back and take notice.  We can learn a few things from Sorter on how to be more of a Pro at work.

In your job,  precision still matters.  If I get surgery, you better believe I want the surgeon to be on the mark.   If my house was on fire, I would want the fireman to show at the right house.  If I was sending my kid to a teacher who didn’t know the right answers, I would be pissed.  The reality is precision matters and the closer you are to hitting the mark on the job the more you will be respected and used.

The definition of methodical is “acting in a systematic way, especially careful and deliberate.”  In the movie, Sorter deliberately takes out the opposition, one right after another.  He does it in such a calm, efficient and methodical way that no one can doubt his skill.  Be methodical in your job.  Know your job so well that you can calmly do what comes next.   As a result, you will be faster and better than the others, because you know what follows.  That will make you a valued asset to your company.

Sorter used a Glock.   What are the tools of your trade?  Even if you don’t have tools in the traditional sense, you still have a skill set necessary for your trade.  Sharpen, clean and prepare those tools so you can do your best work.  A workman is only as good as the tools he has.

Throughout the movie, Sorter remained completely calm and ready for oncoming situations.  In a crisis at the office, calmness is seen by your boss and coworkers as strength.  People who are calm in a crisis produce well reasoned solutions.  Notice I said calm, not apathetic.  Apathy is viewed as poor leadership and unprofessional.

Once he made a decision, doubt was out the window and he went for it.

Sorter was a hero in the truest sense.  He realized that he was standing in a position to help someone instead of turning a blind eye.  The character put himself in harms way by making the right decision.  Greatness as a professional is all well and good, but the real legacy comes from doing right.  Even if  no one else in the office agrees with you, sometimes you have to stand alone.  Moral character is a must.

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