June 1, 2012

How to Get Popeye Arms Without the Spinach

Every dude wants thicker muscular arms.  Even if you're the bicep king, you can’t see those in a t-shirt.  The muscles that really stand out to the public are your forearms.  But how do you give them a workout?

When I was in College, trying to making  a go of the gym, I stumbled upon this little device.  There I was lifting weights, when two blokes came in and started working out.  They picked up this object that I had never seen before and started working it furiously. Curiosity got the better of  me...I had to know what this object was.  So these two guys took me under their wing and showed me the great benefits of using the forearm developer.

The Forearm developer is a bar with a cord attached to it.  The cord is then weighted.  To use correctly, grab hold of the bar with both hands and wind the cord up by rotating the bar with your wrists.   Keep going until the weight meets your hands.  You can either extend your arms out in front of you at shoulder height or keep your arms down.  Both methods work the forearms differently.  A Forearm Developer is fairly inexpensive. Just add your own weights.

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