March 25, 2013

How to Unclog a Toilet: Learn the Secret

Whether you are taking care of your home or you are caught at a friends house and are faced with an embarrassing situation of, “I clogged the toilet and can’t leave it like this.”  Many don’t know how to unclog a toilet. It is a necessary skill for anybody to acquire.  If a toilet is blocked and cannot be undone, the plumber is called out. However, many people do not realize that most service call outs can be avoided with just a plunger.  The problem with the average guy is that he is using the plunger incorrectly.

How to unclog a toilet properly:

1. Select Your Weapon Carefully
There are two kinds of plungers. Don't get one of those sorry excuses for a plunger (you know the ones that are orange and thin as a pancake). I'm not sure anyone has ever cleared a blockage with one of those things. They are designed for sinks and tubs (not toilets). These plungers do not have a flange, so it sits flat on the surface of the sink or tub. The plunger you want is the more hefty one. It is usually black, big and has a flange on the inside that can be pulled out. When purchasing one, go with the hefty, toilet one.

2. Make Sure There is Adequate Water in the Bowl
You cannot plunge a toilet with zero water in it.

3. Pull out the inside Flange
Before the plunger takes a dip into the unknown, take your hand and pull out the flange part of the plunger.  

4.  Place the Plunger Over the Hole
Make sure you turn it sideways so that water fills up the plunger cup releasing the air. Then cover the main whole. Make sure the flange fits well into the drain hole creating a seal. 

5.  The Secret
Place the plunger over the hole. Push down and then with force pull it completely out of the hole breaking the seal of suction. The real value is on the pull. That's right, the force that is needed to unclog the toilet is when you pull it completely out. 

6. Do Not Go Crazy
The number one mistake most people make is to push and pull the plunger over and over again (without breaking the seal) forcing a tremendous amount of scary stuff all over the bathroom. Plungers are made so that it only requires one plunge.

7. Do it Again
Most clogs will release after only one proper plunge. If, however, the obstruction has not cleared, then do it again.

8. Listen
If done correctly, you will hear the water rushing through the toilet followed by an emptying of the toilet bowl.


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