June 8, 2012

You Need the Right Tools: Part 1

In a relationship, the reality is that the lady looks to you for the construction and repairs. (Unless you're with one of those ladies from the HGTV channel, then she can do all the work and leave you alone.)  There have been a lot of things I wanted to accomplish around the house but have been unable due to not having the right tools.  

It got to the point that when we would talk about building something at home and I would say, "Cool but I don’t have the tools."  I didn’t have a bad selection, but it was not what I needed to pull off the job.  Without a saw carpenters can’t cut, without glue plumbers are not plumbing, and without a truck none of your crap is getting to the job.  Tools are indispensable.  The better your tools the better the job you can do.

Here is the first indispensable tools that I think you will need to do stuff around the house: the reciprocating saw.  Also known as the Sawzall.   
I recently purchased a used heavy duty cordless DeWalt Sawzall from a local pawn shop for $109.  A brand new one can be purchased from most home improvement stores starting at about $200.  With an 18 volt rechargeable battery this thing is a beast.  You can use it to cut through wood or metal by simply changing out the blades to match the job.  It gets where your skill saw won't.

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