April 2, 2013

Please, Don't Wear That!

While out and about I occasionally notice certain clothing and shoe wear that makes me want to appeal to the authorities to ban such scary items. The first on my list is the dreaded man sandals. Now to be clear I am not referring to flip flops in general.   I am specifically referring to the man sandals also known as mandals. 

While these bad boys may have had their heyday during certain 70’s music festivals, I believe it is over. I do, however, see men's fashion designers trying to revive this dead tradition. I think the only place I would give someone a pass on these might be if he is canoeing, but even then there is far cooler footwear he can sport.

Why? You know I am not a fashion guy or someone who is a designer of any kind, but I know awkward when I see it. Do yourself a favor and take a break from such scary works of art. You maybe the 1% of dudes who lives in a warmer climate and can make these things work.  My recommendation...flee from them.

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